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Unique Technology Is the Star of the Show at Annual Trade Show

The recent ISC West trade show featured an incredible array of new technologies destined to change how businesses keep products and locations protected. As the largest U.S. security event, this year’s edition drew 30,000 attendees and exhibitors to Las Vegas to see the newest products available for security and access control from leading vendors.

Technology is one of the major drivers for change in the security industry, both for cybersecurity and physical security problems. According to a recent Forbes article, these new solutions shape how security professionals approach, plan and integrate technologies into security products.

“With the advent of artificial intelligence, robotics, quantum computing, the Internet of Things, augmented reality, materials science, 3-D printing, and data analytics, the security industry is being transformed,” the article states.

According to Luis Alvarez, founder of the Alvarez Technology Group, there were several technology solutions displayed at the trade show that are likely to make a big impact in the coming years. In a recent podcast, Alvarez shared some of the most interesting technologies on display.

What Was New In Providing Physical Security?

One of the most notable advances was in electronic fencing. These products are different from the fences designed to keep Fido in the yard but work on a similar premise.

Many businesses face an ongoing challenge of people trying to break into their businesses or work yards. These fences use radar and LIDAR solutions to issue alerts when there’s an intrusion onto the property. Businesses that need physical security, such as those that store trucks and other vehicles or pallets of merchandise on site, defenses are an important element of a comprehensive security strategy.

The technology uses a series of small lasers that canvas a property. When the lasers are tripped, an alarm sounds. While it’s not inexpensive, it makes sense for those firms that need widespread grounds protection, such as construction companies and cannabis businesses. They’re a great supplement to security guards and security cameras.

What Was New About Drone Technology?

Drones today have so many applications for recreational and business use. Increasingly, businesses are developing drones that are focused on protecting people and property.

Several types of defensive drones were introduced at the ISC trade show. These new drones include models designed to catch and disable other drones. Products introduced in Las Vegas included drones that release nets at other drones and Taser-equipped drones that may become an integral component of law enforcement agencies.

These new types of deterrents may become common at large public events where there are many people present who could be vulnerable to attack.

Were There Other Interesting Technologies that Debuted at the Trade Show?

Facial recognition technology has made major advances. These solutions can track crowds at major sporting events, concerts or other large gatherings. These solutions, when tied to databases of violent or dangerous individuals, can pinpoint who is in the audience and remove them before any harm is done.

There’s the potential to use these technologies in other ways, such as by farmers and agricultural firms that struggle with theft of products and equipment ranging from tractors to irrigation pipes and sensors. Farmers also face the rampant problem of dumping unwanted furniture, electronics and other debris that may contain hazardous materials. These costs run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars to replace equipment and clean up dumped materials.

Innovative technologies drive progress and new business opportunities. At Alvarez Technology Group, we work closely with companies to assess business security and to identify business technology solutions that leverage the latest advances. To learn more about how Alvarez Technology Group can drive better business results, schedule an initial, no-obligation initial consultation.

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