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Alvarez Technology Group was founded in 2001 with the goal of providing Fortune 100-class IT support to the world’s small and midsize businesses. Since that time, technology has undoubtedly revolutionized every aspect of our lives, but we believe that we are just starting to see how significantly technology will change the workplace. We want to help use those changes to our clients’ advantage. Our company’s focus is not just on managing devices or networks; instead we are there to help our client’s users achieve their business goals.

To get the best IT support available for your Salinas, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County & San Benito County business, contact Alvarez Technology Group at (831) 753 -7677 or send us an email at info@alvareztg.com today.

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More Business Startups Are Shooting for Space—the Final Frontier

After the first successful manned Apollo mission to the moon, the excitement and expectations for space travel and exploration were at an all-time high [...]

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What Our Clients Say About Working With Us.

"Part of our success and longevity has been the addition of technology. ATG has helped make these changes seamless, cost effective and, most important, productive."

Jason Smith, Owner & General Manager / Paraiso Vineyards

"ATG understands our business needs and is continuously working with us to stay ahead of today’s constantly changing technologies so that we can focus on the critical business matters of serving our clients, staying competitive and growing our business"

Robin Pearce, Administrative Manager / Ryan and McDonald CPA’s

Can People Be Allergic To Wi-Fi?

Is Wi-Fi causing an allergic reaction in people? Many have recently claimed they’re hypersensitive to electromagnetic activity, and that it’s giving them reactions common for allergies. These claims are similar to the ones about cell phone signals causing cancer, which many were afraid of when mobile phones started to gain in popularity. Those claims were […]

Hover Board Problems

The new trend for the holidays is the Hover Board, which is like a Segway machine without the handlebars. It is one of the fastest selling holiday items, and it’s a device you stand on, balance on, and move with the pitch and inclination of your body. Because it doesn’t have a steering handle it […]

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