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Information Technology Consulting

Business Information Technology Consulting Services

Are you unsure about how technology can help your business to grow and succeed?

Alvarez Technology Group has vast knowledge and experience not only with technology, but with businesses as well. We understand that most people didn’t go into business to be an IT expert, but in today’s world, technology is undeniably integral to any company’s success.

Alvarez Technology Group has the expertise and resources to handle any inquiry you may have about Information Technology. To learn more about our comprehensive consulting solutions, contact Alvarez Technology Group today at (831) 753 -7677 or info@alvareztg.com.

Strategic IT Planning

  • Benefit not only from our technical expertise, but our business acumen as well. We work with you to plan your technology to effectively support your business as it grows.
  • Regular business review meetings keep you up to date with the state of your IT infrastructure, as well as any necessary upgrades for the next development in your business.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an available and trustworthy consultant for any business decision that may affect your technology needs.

Security Assessments

  • Are you unsure about the safety of your business’ sensitive data?
  • Alvarez Technology Group can examine each aspect of your IT systems to identify any vulnerabilities that could lead to expensive and damaging data breaches.
  • After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your network, we can facilitate the process of upgrading your security measures to ensure that your data is kept safe.

Network Design

  • Why bother with multiple vendors for your next upgrade or installation when Alvarez Technology Group can manage the entire process for you?
  • Ensure that your system is set up right the first time with premium design and implementation services.
  • Further guarantee that your network continues to function optimally with ongoing maintenance and support solutions to see to any issues that may arise after the initial set up.

HIPAA Assessments

  • Information technology is a vital part of any healthcare practice, so don’t sell yours short!
  • Inadequate security measures and practices can leave patients’ and employees’ sensitive data vulnerable, which can lead to massive fines and criminal liabilities for your business.
  • Alvarez Technology Group can analyze your healthcare practice’s processes and technology to ensure that you stay compliant with HIPAA, HITECH and HIPAA Omnibus laws.

Business Continuity Planning

  • Disaster can strike at any time, leading to power outages, system crashes and costly data loss!
  • Make sure that you’re prepared for the worst with varied and reliable business continuity contingencies including data backups, emergency plans and regular system tests.
  • Regardless of whether it’s a flood or a digital security breach, you can rest easy knowing your system is secure and recoverable.

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