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Video Surveillance & Access Control Systems

It’s so often these days that businesses are only thinking about the digital side of security.

Today’s buzzwords – ransomware, cybercriminal, phishing, etc. – leave business owners more worried about their firewalls and anti-virus solutions than they are about their physical and conventional security solutions.

Don’t forget to take the other side of security into account.

If you run a business that has a lot of interaction between potential customers and your products, then you need to do your part to deter thieves.

One of the best ways to do so? Video surveillance.

Why Do You Need Video Surveillance?

Video surveillance remains an undeniably effective way to promote a safe work environment for your staff and secure business for your clients.

With a functioning video surveillance system in place, your employees and clients can be confident that they’re safe while at your place of business.

Don’t forget that, in the event of a theft, your video surveillance system will give you a lot to offer law enforcement in finding the perpetrator and bringing them to justice. Clear footage stored safely on your hard drive and easily navigable by date makes follow up as simple as can be.

Is Video Surveillance Only For Security?

Absolutely not – although you are required to have a video surveillance system, don’t assume that there aren’t any other benefits of installing one beyond being secure.

  • Track Changes In Your Inventory
    No matter what you store on-site, a video surveillance system can help you keep an eye on it remotely. With the right configuration and deployment, you can use your surveillance system as a form of inventory management, double-checking and confirming what your staff reports on an ongoing basis.
  • Ongoing Organizational Record
    By watching your business around the clock, you also gain a unique perspective into the hour by hour, day-to-day, and month to month operation of your business with the live recorded footage.
  • Promote A Positive Workplace Environment
    Video surveillance will also help to mitigate instances of harassment and poor customer service because anyone on your premises knows they are being recorded.

What About Access Control?

The other half of this equation is Access Control, which adds crucial safeguards to any points of egress at your place of business. Put simply? It keeps the wrong people from getting in.

We will help you implement and maintain these essential access control elements:

  • Perimeter and Interior
  • Door and Gate Access
  • Emergency Call Box
  • Restricted Key System
  • Visitor Management
  • Video Intercoms
  • Networked Door Locks
  • Panic Buttons

What Does Access Control Do For You?

 In addition to enhancing your physical security, Access Control provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Helps keep employees honest
  • Eliminates the need for physical keys
  • Allows for an audit of access – Who? When? Why?
  • Protects the safety of the inventory
  • Helps develop trust with clients

Video Surveillance & Access Control

When combined, these security technologies create a robust defense for your physical premises. One keeps an eye on everyone coming and going, and the other ensures only the right people can enter in the first place. 

As you can see, there’s plenty to consider when it comes to your business’ physical security – why bother managing it on your own when you could have Alvarez take care of it for you?


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