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Are You Confident in Your Business’ Digital Security?

Don’t Gamble With Your Valuable Data!

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to modern businesses. Without up-to-date and varied security measures, successful hacks can compromise your sensitive data and harm your systems, resulting in costly downtime. Small businesses should be especially wary of cybercriminals, as they often target smaller operations on the assumption that there will be less effective IT security measures in place. As your IT partner, Alvarez Technology Group offers comprehensive security measures for your Salinas, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County & San Benito County business’ network, email, servers and more through our iSafe service. The benefits of making Alvarez Technology Group your strategic partner in digital security include:

Expert IT Security Consultation

If you’re at all unsure about the strength of your network, take advantage of our comprehensive security assessment service. We can analyze your current security features including passwords, firewalls, control lists and more to determine any recommended changes to improve the internal and external security of your business’ network.

Reliable Digital Protection

Alvarez Technology Group offers iron-clad firewalls to safeguard your business’ network against intruders and malicious software. We actively maintain all anti-virus software to ensure it is up-to-date with the latest patches to anticipate threats to your system. Furthermore, by applying strong gateway filters we can ensure that your employees avoid any dangerous or inappropriate websites, which can often be a source of malware in the first place. By training your staff to identify and avoid social engineering scams, we can ensure against human vulnerability in your IT network as well.

Active Monitoring Around the Clock

By monitoring your network minute to minute, we can identify any concerns as soon as they threaten your IT system. Through remote maintenance, we can even resolve issues before they affect you or your employees to avoid downtime in the first place. Furthermore, we can identify and report any attempted security breaches as they happen to keep you up to date on your system’s integrity.

Back-up Capability in Case of Emergency

On a regular basis we will remotely back up of all your information to ensure a failsafe option in case of any emergency on your work premises. Whether your business encounters a flood or a malware attack, our on-site and off-site data recovery contingencies will keep your valuable data safe to ensure your business’ continuity.

Keep your Salinas, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County & San Benito County business safe from digital threats with our all-inclusive security measures! Contact Alvarez Technology Group at (831) 753 -7677 or info@alvareztg.com today for more information on how to adequately protect your business.

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