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Security Assessments

Verify your business’ digital security with a comprehensive assessment of your existing measures.

Are you unsure of your business’ IT infrastructure security? The network that connects your business’ computers deals with sensitive and valuable information and it can be targeted by viruses, worms, spyware and other malicious digital threats.

Security Assessments by Alvarez Technology Group

As your strategic IT partner, Alvarez Technology Group provides security assessment services to examine every part of your network security to make sure that your company’s data is properly protected. In the course of the assessment, we will analyze the following aspects of your systems:

Security Measures

Our assessment will determine the strength of your current passwords, the validity of any firewalls in place, and any implementations of control lists that determine which users have access to sensitive information. By ensuring these security standards are properly configured and up-to-date, your systems will be that much more difficult to compromise.

Reliable Failsafes

Despite the best efforts, even the strongest security measures can be overcome, whether it’s a data breach or an unexpected emergency on your premises. Alvarez Technology Group ensures that you have regular backups, on and off-site redundancies, which can be relied upon in the case of any disaster.

Comprehensive Maintenance

If your security measures are not updated regularly they can become ineffective quickly. In the course our assessment we make sure that your security settings meet industry standards, that maintenance programming is configured to operate automatically, and that any past employees have been removed from the system (a dangerous error that is often overlooked).

After completing our comprehensive assessment, we review every detail of our findings with you to facilitate the process of improving your IT security. To learn more about what our security assessment can do for your business, contact Alvarez Technology Group today at 831-753-7677 or send us an email at info@alvareztg.com.

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