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Windows XP Will Endanger the Company

windowsSupport for Windows XP ends on April 8, 2014. The Microsoft operating system was first released in 2001, and has been one of the more popular systems for both home and business computers. Once support ends, all computers running Windows XP will be at risk of security compliance breaches. XP users could put the entire company at risk by not upgrading.

The Risks of Keeping XP PCs

After support ends for Windows XP, the PC will be susceptible to hackers and malicious software. If that PC is tied to the network, the whole system could be compromised. Security patches will no longer be released, leaving the computer and everything on it vulnerable.

End of Support for Server 2003

In 2015, just a year after support for Window XP ends, support will end for Server 2003. The same risks associated with XPs will impact Server 2003 and leave company information exposed.

Eliminating the Liability

In preparation for the end of support, Alvarez Technology Group sat down with Dandy Cooling Company, a long time client, to discuss upgrades. Dandy Cooling Company is a produce shipping and cross docking services facility that operates along the West Coast. The company had four Windows XP computers and a Server 2003 machine. After discussing the risks, it became clear that a full hardware and software replacement was the best option.

With a low tolerance for poor PC performance, Dandy Cooling executives did not hesitate to approve the upgrade. Alvarez Technology Group was tasked to develop and implement a plan for replacing the PCs and server. Special arrangements were made to accommodate the specific scheduling needs of Dandy Cooling, and the project was underway.

Windows XP was replaced with Windows 7, and Server 2003 was replaced with Server 2008 R2. The migration was smooth, and the system vulnerability eliminated.

Planning for the Change

Community Management Services provides professional management to community associations throughout Santa Clara County. The company’s IT infrastructure has been managed by Alvarez Technology Group since 2010. During the quarterly network status discussion with Community Management Services, Alvarez Technology Group brought up the end of Windows XP support and discussed the replacement of their 21 Windows XP machines. As a high quality services company that manages detailed financial and administrative client information, Community Management Services cannot risk a security breach. They XP machines are integrated into the network, so if a breach happened it could affect the entire system. Alvarez Technology Group put together a plan to replace the 21 Windows XP PCs with Windows 7, which was implemented immediately.

Getting ahead of the risk

A security breach can be detrimental, and neither Dandy Cooling nor Community Management Services took any risks. Both companies now have an upgraded system and the networks continue to be stable and secure with the help of Alvarez Technology Group.

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