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What Can You Learn from Walmart’s Innovative Use of Technology?

While you may not think of Walmart as an innovation leader, their use of technology is expansive. See how technology helps differentiate this massive retailer from their competitors.  

Did you know that Walmart filed more drone patents in the past year than Amazon? Walmart may not be the first name that comes to mind when you consider innovative retailers, but their operations teams are reaching into the future and pulling back ideas that will make them more competitive and reduce overall costs. See how they are utilizing technology in all aspects of their business from simple proximity-based lighting to training store associates.

Walmart Broadens Their Customer Appeal

Walmart is leveraging surveillance and AI in unexpected ways — not only to reduce the amount of theft in the store but also to enhance the customer experience and ensure that customers aren’t overpaying at checkout. Tired of dealing with understocked or empty shelves? this same type of tech is what’s helping improve the customer experience so Walmart can compete more effectively with Amazon and Target. It does also help to reduce the overall spoilage and theft tracking suspicious activity, they’re able to help keep prices low.

Advanced Cybersecurity Support

When it comes to technology and innovation, Walmart is a strong believer in the return on their investments. They have built a truly sophisticated supply chain and logistics systems that are leveraged by organizations across the country. Walmart also has a strong focus on cybersecurity, protecting its infrastructure and cloud-based retail technology with an advanced security posture. This allows Walmart to match Amazon toe-to-toe as they introduce new service offerings such as overnight free shipping, 24-hour delivery and quick pickups.

Creating a Cohesive Infrastructure

One of the ways that Walmart continues to differentiate itself from the competition is through a commitment to investments and technology innovation. This type of forward-thinking leadership allows the chain to reduce overall prices, enhance their productivity and ultimately improve their customer experience. This is crucial in an era when customers are unwilling to forfeit a positive interaction merely for prices that are slightly lower. There has to be a significant incentive for people to change their shopping habits from online and back to brick-and-mortar establishments such as Walmart.

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