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Uber: A Technological Transportation App

Uber, established in 2009, is a technological transportation service that connects consumers to drivers through mobile apps. Today, Uber has successfully launched transportation services in over 70 cities. When consumers want a ride, the Uber app allows them to use their location and find a registered driver in the area. Consumers receive an email to rate the driver once they’ve reached their destination, which makes it simple for other consumers to find a polite driver in their area.

Interested in registering to use Uber? It’s simple, download the app and provide a credit card to cover the entire transaction of every taxi trip. The trip is charged at a flat fate fee, as opposed to traditional taxis which charge by the mile or minute.

The Uber app is a convenient way for consumers to request, ride, and pay for a taxi service via their mobile device. To learn more about Uber, give us a call at (831) 753 -7677 or send us an email at info@alvareztg.com

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