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uBeam’s Wireless Charging Technology Will Revolutionize Computing

An affordable solution for consumers and businesses, think of it as Wi-Fi for recharging mobile devices, and it’s only the beginning

One of the most frustrating things we have to do each day is recharge our mobile devices — smartphones, tablets, laptop computers and so on — and sometimes we need to do this multiple times a day. That frustration can turn to sheer aggravation if you make the mistake of forgetting to plug your device in after you get home, get up in the morning, and discover before you leave for work that your mobile device is D.O.A.

Enter uBeam and its ultrasound-based technology that allows you to use and move about with your device while it’s charging. There are no wires to tether to or power mats your device must be in contact with; uBeam’s technology appears to be revolutionary. So how does it work?

Basically, uBeam’s thin charging station takes electricity and converts it into sounds that are transmitted to your mobile device via a receiver designed to catch those sound waves, and covert them back into energy that your thirsty mobile device sucks up.

By using a spectrum of the radio band to power devices specifically designed to collect that radio wave and turn those signals into power, uBeam is on the cusp of making plugging mobile devices into a electrical socket to recharge them obsolete. Theoretically, your mobile device could stay fully charged all of the time. Think of it as Wi-Fi but for electricity. Little wonder the company is garnering as much media attention as it has of late.

Though it’s still a few months to one year away from hitting the open market, uBeam’s solution is also a reportedly affordable one for consumers and businesses.

Bear in mind this is the first generation of uBeam’s wireless charging technology, and it’s designed specifically for mobile devices. Little doubt, though, that this company is hard at work designing this system to power larger appliances like flat-panel TVs or refrigerators. There’s literally no limitation to what it can power using these ultrasonic waves, and that’s what makes uBeam’s technology so exciting for consumers and businesses alike.

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