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Traffic Cameras Being Added to Catch Red Light Runners in Salinas

Traffic Cameras Being Added to Catch Red Light Runners in Salinas

Red-light cameras record everything that happens at four intersections in Salinas, CA. Do you worry about privacy and sensitive data in the digital age? Contact Alvarez Technology Group for assistance with cybersecurity and managed IT services.  

“Cameras are becoming more ubiquitous everywhere you go and it’s because they can help extend the reach of Law enforcement. It’s easier to have the cameras catch stuff and report it back, rather than if people randomly find it happening,” according to Luis Alvarez, CEO of Alvarez Technology Group, based in Salinas, CA.

New Security Cameras in Salinas to Aid Law Enforcement

Four red-light cameras were installed at Salinas, CA, intersections in November 2019. Drivers caught on camera running red lights face fines of up to $500. Currently, the cameras can’t be used as evidence against people caught texting behind the wheel or committing minor traffic violations. However, video footage and images of serious crimes could end up in the courtroom.

Police point to an increase in people running red lights — sometimes killing or injuring law-abiding pedestrians — as the impetus for the new red-light cameras.
The four impacted intersections include:

  • N. Main St and Boronda Rd
  • N. Sanborn Rd and E. Laurel Dr
  • N. Davis Rd and W. Laurel Dr
  • N. Main St and Laurel Dr

Police records indicate that 50 out of 80 crashes involve drivers violating the right of way of other drivers or pedestrians, according to the Californian. Five of them or over 6% ended in fatalities. Further, 90% of violators caught by a red-light camera don’t get a second ticket.

Will Cameras Be Used to Track Texting While Driving?

In Australia, the government of New South Wales uses roadway cameras to catch drivers who are illegally using their smartphones while driving.

One state in the U.S. may be trying to make that happen here. In Maryland’s Montgomery County, at least one councilmember wants to use the technology to bust text-crazed distracted drivers. According to Channel 10 News in San Diego, the type of cameras used in Australia would allow authorities to see everything happening in the front seat of the car.

Alvarez Technology Group Can Help Your Company Maintain Customer Privacy

Alvarez Technology Group is a leading IT services company in Salinas, CA. Private citizens often weigh the right of individuals against the need for an orderly society. In cybersecurity, this translates to the data collected and stored in your network by clients and business partners. California is one of many states to have passed or currently considering regulations that make it mandatory to report data breaches to anyone impacted.

Is your business prepared to block malware attacks and deal with the aftermath of data breaches? Contact Alvarez Technology Group today for more information on our cybersecurity and managed IT services.

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