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These Smart Water Sensors Save Money and Solve Water Problems

These Smart Water Sensors Find Water Leaks Fast

The EPA estimates that water leaks waste around 12% of our water. This advanced water sensing device seeks to change that, helping you save water and money.  

What are water leaks costing your business? According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage accounted for a staggering 20% of property insurance claims in 2017. The average claim was over $10,000. Water damage is costly even when that damage occurs slowly because of a leak.

The EPA estimates that water leaks waste as much as 12% of US water. They go undetected, sometimes for years, racking up the costs.

Could your monthly water bill be padded with wasted water? It’s something to think about. On top of the environmental impact, in places like California, water is a scarce, precious and often expensive resource. The stakes are even higher.

We have regulations like WO 95-10 restricting the excessive pumping of groundwater from Carmel River, which continually drives us to reduce water consumption and pay for our excesses.

And, as always, I’m excited to see how inventors and private companies put their heads together to solve problems.

Govee Smart Wi-Fi Water Sensors

Let’s think about home security for a moment. We now have doorbell cameras that send us alerts when someone’s at the door.

We have home alarms that inform the homeowner and emergency personnel in the event of a fire or break-in. And they’re getting smarter all the time.

Through smart home technology, we know quickly when something is amiss.

And in business, where there’s often even more to lose, the advancements in smart building security technologies over the past several years are even more significant.

The company Govee brings a similar concept to the water leak problem.

How Govee Sensors Detect Water Leaks

The system involves strategically placing sensors around water sources in your home or business in places you can’t easily see, which would otherwise increase the risk that the leak goes undetected.

For example:

  • Behind the toilet
  • Under the sink drains
  • Under the washer/dryer water connection
  • Next to the water heater
  • In the basement or crawlspace
  • In the attic

When a leak occurs, even a small one, the sensor immediately alerts you through app notifications. You’ll know where the breach is and be able to take the next steps before major damage occurs.

If the building Wi-Fi has been temporarily turned off, it sounds an audible alarm (similar to a CO detector). As soon as someone is in the building, they will be able to quickly find the leak, silence the alarm and take steps to prevent water damage and conserve water.

The concept is simple. No advanced business analytics knowledge or complicated installation required, I promise.

Water Conservation

I know you share my goals to lower my water bill and conserve a precious California resource at the same time. This may just be the next smart technology we’ll soon see in every home and business. For more on the latest security and technology, follow my blog.

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