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The Costa Report Adds Alvarez Talks Tech To Weekly Programming

San Francisco, CA – July 21, 2012  – The Costa Report announced today that they haveadded a weekly technology feature by Luis Alvarez, the CEO of Alvarez Technology Group, Inc., to the program.  The new feature will address emerging technology products, services and applications – examining how these developments will impact the way we work and live.

According to host of The Costa Report, Rebecca Costa, “Week after week, listeners trust The Costa Report to deliver quality, unbiased journalism – so when it came time to add a technology segment we went looking for an expert who wasn’t associated with one of the large computer or software manufacturers, and wasn’t from academia.  That narrowed the options down quickly. Mr. Alvarez was the ideal spokesperson because his company represents a wide cross section of solutions – they aren’t wedded to any single supplier or approach, and they work with mid-sized companies. In other words, they had their hand on the pulse of what really matters.”

Luis Alvarez founded Alvarez Technology Group, Inc., in 2001.  In less than a decade the company became one of the premier IT suppliers on the west coast, delivering products and services to over 200 companies.  From system integration, networking, and data security to help desk and monitoring support, the company specializes in analyzing the unique needs of each client and specifying products and procedures based on those needs.

When asked about his decision to produce Alvarez Talks Tech, Mr. Alvarez said, “New products  are coming out all the time.  It’s difficult for companies to stay on top of what’s new, let alone analyze the benefits and hazards associated with every new development.  If we can shed a little light on what’s available and how it can best used, then that helps everyone.  In a difficult economy like the one we’re experiencing today, companies need to be careful about how they invest in technology.”

Alvarez Talks Tech is broadcast live on The Costa Report every Friday at 2PM PST on KSCO AM 1080 and is nationally syndicated on the Business TalkRadio Network.  The report is also available on Apple iTunes, Pod Bean and on the Alvarez Technology Group web site.

About The Costa Report

The Costa Report is politically neutral weekly news radio program hosted by American sociobiologist, author and public speaker, Rebecca D. Costa.  The program was launched in 2010 in concert with the release of Costa’s bestselling book, The Watchman’s Rattle: Thinking Our

Way Out of Extinction.  The Costa Report consists of a one-hour interview with a renowned newsmaker, followed by a second hour of listener telephone calls.  Guests on The Costa Report have included Ron Paul, John Bolton, Jared Diamond, Alan Dershowitz, Jennifer Granholm, Michael Dukakis, Paul Ehrlich, Pat Buchanan and others.  The Costa Report currently boasts over 2 million listeners and is syndicated on the Business TalkRadio Network.   For more information visit www.rebeccacosta.com.

About Alvarez Technology Group, Inc.

Alvarez Technology Group, Inc. has been in business since 2001 and provides world-class  technology solutions to small- and mid-sized businesses, including network management and 24×7 monitoring, the integration of computers and telephones, data security and backup, and expert IT consulting.  They empower their clients to grow their organizations with the right technology and smart systems management. For more information, contact Ronni Alvarez at 831-753-7677 X1013 or ralvarez@alvareztg.com. Visit Alvarez Technology Group, Inc. online at www.alvareztg.com.

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