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The Cost of Cybercrime

Wi-Fi has become one of the easiest ways for companies to set up internal point-of-sale systems and various equipment necessary to operate a retail shop, however, cybercrime is becoming more common online. In some cases, cybercrime can result in tens of thousands of dollars in losses.

Microsoft, the predominant operating system and applications developer in the world, has become the primary target for most cybercriminals. Sometimes, it’s difficult for law enforcement and government agencies to track cybercriminals down and prosecute them; which led Microsoft to create a cybercrime unit to help law enforcement and government agencies fight the problem.

Microsoft’s cybercrime unit gathers resources including scientists, technical professionals, and cutting-edge technologies to identify where cybercriminals are located, then turn the information over to law enforcement and government agencies to take appropriate action. In addition, Cisco, Apple, and Google are looking to set up their own cybercrime units to help identify and prosecute cybercriminals.

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