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Tesla’s Automated Driving Could Change The Auto Industry

Tesla recently announced that owners of their vehicles can download a new update allowing them to use self-driving features of their car on the highway.

This is a major step forward, and a journalist trying out the feature even said that he got used to the car driving itself after five minutes. It’s the beginning of a trend that’s been rumbling about for a few years, and it’s something we’ll see more of in the future. Google broke ground in this area a few years ago, and the automobile industry has followed suit. In fact, almost every manufacturer out there is developing their own self-driving features.

These autonomous cars don’t speed, either. When they’re on the roadway, they know the speed and they stick to it. For those who like to hover just above the speed limit while they drive, this isn’t bad news. New research shows that passengers don’t want to speed up if they’re not driving.

This is because part of the reason why drivers speed in the first place is so they can stop driving and get to their destination. But if you’re a passenger in a self-driving car these same urges won’t overtake you because you’re not driving. Passengers are also pretty oblivious to how fast they’re going because they’re entertaining themselves.

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