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How Tesla’s Astonishing 68-day Build was Actually a Gigantic Marketing Move

Tesla’s Astonishing 68-day Build Was A Gigantic Marketing Move

Most businesses can’t afford a marketing tactic as dramatic as that pulled off by Elon Musk in Australia, but it brought attention to a serious concern: business continuity.  

Sure, the Twitter conversation between Elon Musk and billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes in March 2017 kicked off a bet of enormous proportions — Elon guaranteeing that Tesla could build a 100-megawatt battery for Australia in 100 days or less. While the whole world watched, the Tesla team won the bet tidily and a new era in power support for South Australia was born. With California and other states in the US dealing with ongoing power outages, it’s likely that power stations such as what’s called “the big battery” will become more important than ever before. How did this quick online conversation between billionaires spark one of the most expensive marketing strategies of all time?

Building the World’s Biggest Battery

South Australia has suffered from a destabilized energy grid, costing the state tens of millions of dollars to support on an annual basis. With the introduction of the new Tesla energy storage system, the state is paying dramatically less — and experiencing better energy stability than ever before. Think about it: how would your business survive if you weren’t able to predict when a power outage would occur, or how long it would last? Business leaders throughout the area hail the move as a winning one, proving that this strategy was certainly one that paid off to raise awareness of Tesla’s energy storage capabilities.

Providing Consistent Backups

Having the right energy storage policies in place is crucial for all businesses, something reiterated during World Backup Day 2019 on March 31st. When businesses lose information or find that critical data is damaged due to a power surge or other force of nature, having a secure backup process in place can save the business from disaster. Whether your data is being stored on old hard drives or on servers on-site, having a remote backup process that runs on a regular basis may be the difference between disaster and being able to quickly spin up a secondary version of data for your business.

While Elon Musk’s decision to build a power infrastructure in Australia “in 100 days or it’s free” may have been a dramatic marketing strategy, there are true implications behind the need. In Australia, the rolling blackouts may be based on the lack of access to power, but businesses have the same requirements as they do in the US — maintaining a secure infrastructure even when there are disruptions to the primary energy source. This is one of the reasons that having a proactive backup and disaster recovery process is so vital to organizations around the world. Want to see how to keep your business running, even in the event of a disaster? Contact the professionals at Alvarez Technology Group today at 831-753-7677 or see how our hassle-free IT support will work for your business when you fill out our quick online form to schedule your free initial consultation.

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