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Tesla Motors, an electric vehicle manufacturer, has been in the news a lot lately for their popular electric car.

While most people feel as though tesla is a great vehicle, New Jersey doesn’t seem to agree – the city has banned the sales of tesla because the manufacturer sells the vehicles directly as opposed to selling the vehicles through dealers.

So why doesn’t the manufacturer sell vehicles through dealers? The reason: dealers make the bulk of their money through car repairs; however, teslas don’t require a lot of service so there’s not a lot of money to be made. This would lead dealers to push traditional gasoline or hybrid powered vehicles instead of electric vehicles to make more money.

While some cities, such as New Jersey, don’t agree with the idea of selling through the manufacturer instead of dealers, tesla is becoming more and more popular. In fact, Tesla Motors is planning to build a new battery plant to create lithium-ion battery packs for their electric vehicles. The battery plant will cost $10 billion to create, and some cities, including Arizona, are interested in being the home base for the plant.

How Does Tesla Work?

Tesla is powered through a charging station in the owners home or through a public charging station. In addition, owners can drive through a fast battery replacement center to replace the car’s battery pack within 5 minutes. These battery replacement centers will be set up across the country to enable drivers to do cross-country trips in the tesla.

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