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Does The Tech Sector Have The Biggest Black Friday Deals?

Black Friday is like the Super Bowl for shopping, and many consumers are finding the biggest deals in the tech sector recently. While many stores used to open early on Thanksgiving, the big chains are instead focusing on Black Friday now.

One of the most lucrative deals involved a 48-inch Vizio television costing $150. Now, the lower price does have something to do with the growth of manufacturing, but stores are driving the price down for another reason as well.

Places like Best Buy and Costco are using these tech toys as a way to get people in the door to drop their money elsewhere. The TV’s are called “loss leaders,” and after consumers buy these TV’s, retailers are hoping these same people will turn right around and buy things like a gaming system that are more expensive.

While many are buying on Black Friday, others are “show-rooming,” meaning they’re looking at prices to compare with Cyber Monday deals. This is a logical exercise, but studies have actually shown there’s not much of a difference between prices on Black Friday and the following Cyber Monday because retailers understand they have to compete for your dollar whether that’s online or in the store.

Whether you decide to shop online or in the store, deals in tech are some of the most lucrative ones you’ll find.

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