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Tech and Ebola

In the past few months, scientists have turned to technology to help fight the worst Ebola outbreak in history! As deaths in West Africa and cases in the US and Spain continue to rise, the hunt is on for a high-tech way to quickly diagnose the disease and stop it from spreading. So how does technology help us in the fight against this rapidly spreading disease? Well, here’s a few ways:

  • Patients or those suspected of coming into contact with the disease can be quarantined – using various technologies and telemedicine to report their temperature and potential symptoms, ultimately reducing the amount of exposure.
  • The Center of Disease Control is monitoring social media websites to watch for places where a lot of people are reporting symptoms or specific people who talk about someone who has symptoms, in order to send out help and respond quickly.
  • The National Institute of Health awarded a 2.9 million grant to a tech firm, known as Corgenix, to develop a rapid diagnostic kit – a prototype is in development that identifies disease from a blood sample within 15 minutes.

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