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Stay Safe This Summer

It’s June, summer has officially started, and National Safety Month is in full swing. National Safety Month was started to raise awareness about important safety issues and reduce safety risks. Since this month it is all about safety, we are spreading the word about strategies to keep your computer safe.  Here are some tips to help protect your network from hackers, viruses, malware, and ransomware.

Use a firewall and scanner: A firewall is the first line of defense between your computer and the internet. The firewall can stop external threats before reaching your computer, and is an integral aspect of keeping your network safe. If an external threat does penetrate the firewall, it is important to have scanning software for both your computer and email. This software can help identify and stop viruses and malware before your system is seriously affected.

Update your software: Updates fix flaws in software that could otherwise give hackers access to your computer.  They are designed to correct recently discovered security holes and prevent unwanted intrusion.

Strengthen your passwords: A strong password includes upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters. It should mean something to you, but not to someone else. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts and change your passwords periodically. This will help minimize the damage if your password is compromised.

Secure your machine: The easiest way to gain unwanted access to your computer is to leave it unattended in an unsecure area, and that can include the workplace. Before walking away from your computer, be sure to lock it so it can only be accessed with your new, super strong password. Ctrl, Alt, Delete is an easy shortcut set up on most computers to quickly lock the machine.

Never open or download emails from an unknown source: This may sound obvious, but some malware is so well disguised that it can be easy to mistake for something reliable. Don’t open it unless you were expecting it. If it appears to be from an insurance company, bank, or any other seemingly reliable source, but you were not expecting anything, call them first.

Backup your data: Our last and most important tip is to back up your data regularly. Any number of adversities can unexpectedly affect your computer, so a recent backup is critical to business continuity. But don’t forget about the rest of the safety tips, occasionally an intrusion affects even the backup files.

Stay safe this summer, and give us a call if you have any questions about your computer’s safety.

Luis Alvarez
President and CEO

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