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Solar Panels

In the past few years, there’s been a lot of growth in renewable energy. In fact, a wind farm is being set up in Salina, CA to utilize the extreme winds in the area. While it’s a smart move, the biggest area of growth has been solar panels, due to the decreasing costs, as well as federal and state tax credits, solar panels are quickly becoming more affordable than ever.

However, utilities are starting to fight back because they’re starting to lose business to solar panels. Consider this: if you’re using solar panels and you’re producing more electricity than you’re using, it goes back into the system, then your provider must give you a credit for it. Even if you’re off the grid for months at a time, or even the entire year, you’re never drawing power from the grid but you’re still connected to it and receiving credits.

This leads power and utility companies to fight for those using solar panels to pay a fee to be connected to the grid. If the solar system goes down, power and utility companies don’t believe those using solar panels should continue to get a “free ride” as utility still needs to maintain a connection to your house.

Many local power companies are trying to impose taxes for those using solar panels, however, those companies are fighting a losing battle. At the end of the day, solar panels allow us to have more power as a county, which allows us to be less reliant on foreign countries.

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