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Salinas Agtech Insight: Securing Ag-Tech for the Future

When it comes to technology development, agriculture technology gets frequently overlooked. For the past century, the gap between technology and agriculture has become wider than ever. Technology led us to develop gigabit speeds for our internet service, but we still plant and harvest fruits and vegetables the same way for the past century. Agriculture technology needs an overhaul, and Agtech Insight presents itself on the frontline to make this change happen.

Earlier this year, Agtech Insight held a summit to discuss a variety of issues that concern farmers, growers, investors, and ag-tech visionaries. The summit focused on the importance of enabling technology to work synergistically with agriculture to further develop agriculture technology. The various speakers in the summit gave the audience a preview of what the future looks like for agriculture technology, and what they could do to maximize productivity.

One of the main points of the summit was using automation and big data to maximize the output of the resources needed to produce food. It was also made clear that the change would not happen overnight, and the agtech development involves a long, necessary process to meet the future demands for food.

It is estimated that by 2050, the population will double, and agriculture will be pushed to produce twice as much food with half of the resources currently used for production. It only stresses that agtech investment and development need to start today in order to meet the expected needs of the future.

Important points taken from the Agtech Summit

Information technology is not that all different with agricultural technology when it comes to dealing with future challenges.  No matter if you’re involved with agriculture technology or not, the Agtech summit stresses the importance of planning for the foreseeable future; that it’s better to be proactive than reactive with the challenges that your organization will be facing.

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