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Russian Hackers Stolen 1.2 Billion Usernames and Passwords

A US security firm, known as Hold Security, says Russian hackers have stolen 1.2 billion usernames and passwords affecting 420,000 websites around the world. The firm isn’t very well known, however, they claim to have discovered the largest data breach in history! Ultimately, it comes down to two important questions:

  1. Who is the security firm and how did they get this information?
  2. Are we talking about usernames and passwords that truly matter?

The strangest part of the revelation: Hold Security will allow users, especially web services, to find out if their data was part of the breach for $120 a year, and their website didn’t exist until they announced the breach.

Understandably, many of us are wondering if this is a scam to find more business; however; it’s not unlikely. Consider this: Russian hackers have proved to be fairly sophisticated and skilled, so what happens if Russia unleashes hackers against the west?

As the Internet becomes more and more prevalent than ever before, the reality is that cybercrime is powerful and a lot cheaper than starting a war. It’s almost as bad as a nuclear war because there’s a lot of potential for mutual destruction – if they go after our infrastructure, we’ll go after their infrastructure and it’s going to cause a lot of issues for both of us.

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