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Rural Sourcing Is Creating Jobs Here In America

In the past few years, companies have been outsourcing their IT talent to countries like India, Singapore, and China. It’s cheaper to do this, but it turns out that outsourcing isn’t paying the dividends companies thought it would.

Since this has started to be counterproductive to their interests, businesses such as GE are bringing that talent back to the United States. More data centers in foreign countries are being shut down every day, and conversely more data centers are being built here in the United States.

The catch is that some companies aren’t setting up shop in urban centers. Instead they’re looking at places in rural America to build—places that have a lower cost of living and higher quality of life.

What’s resulted is an incredible opportunity for those who want to work in IT and have never been to college. The common belief is that those who live in rural communities may not be as educated, but new leaders are urging that education means nothing if the employees can simply do the job.

What’s happening is that more jobs are coming to the United States, and those who haven’t been to college are getting great opportunities in IT.

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