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It Is Finally Here, Office For The iPad

Once Apple’s iPad became incredibly popular, consumers started hoping for Microsoft’s bestselling office suite to work on the iPad. In March 2014, Microsoft finally released Office for the iPad, which includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The suite was released as a “freemium” and runs native on the iPad.

Now you’re probably wondering, what’s a “freemium?” Often, software developers release “freemium” apps to offer a few features for free, however, the fully functional version with access to all features is available for a cost. With Office for the iPad, you’re able to open documents but the free version doesn’t allow you to edit or create documents.

If you’re looking to edit or create documents, purchase Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud service for approximately $99 a year. There’s a few different versions with prices ranging from $4 a month to $20 a month depending on the features.

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