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New Apple Releases 2015: Q4 Tech Shakeup

Earlier this year, Apple has announced a flurry of new products in an event solely created for that purpose. The event launched the latest in Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. The event was more than just to showcase the latest in Apple technology; it was a statement that Apple is still firing on all cylinders with no signs of letting up.

The event as it happened

Apple rarely disappoints with product releases, and with its rabid fan base, it’s no surprise that Apple’s event in September was met with much fanfare. Unlike the previous product releases of Apple, the company completely skipped through the sales report and how healthy the Apple line is going and went straight to the introduction. Apple CEO Tim Cook promised monster updates at the start of the event, and buttered up Apple Watch and its new watchOS 2, as well as the new color themes and straps.

The stars of the event

The release of the new Apple Watch and watchOS 2 was eclipsed by the other products introduced on the same event: the iPad Pro, and Apple TV, and the much-awaited iPhone 6s.

iPad Pro

The unexpected hit from the event is the release of the iPad Pro – the sleek, 12.9” iPad with much more speed and power under the hood has begun to take over tablet PC hybrids. The iPad Pro draws some similarities from the Microsoft Surface, which has been around for years, but Apple has a reputation for reinventing technology into something that is much more focused on user experience rather than plain utility. The iPad Pro also features an incredibly clear screen that With the iPad Pro, Apple has turned pc computing into a user-friendly tablet interface with a detachable keyboard and a digital pen (stylus) to assist with your tasks.

Apple TV

According to Tim Cook, the future of television is apps, and that vision was turned into action with Apple TV. It features a smart Siri voice control feature, combined with a touch-capable remote that can also be used as a gaming controller. The Apple TV is not just meant to conquer TV add-on boxes, but to compete against established gaming consoles as well.

Apple TV is powered by the new tvOS which allows third party developers to create apps specifically for the Apple TV. Early development attracted brands like Netflix, Hulu, Harmonix, Airbnb, and HBO have released apps for the all-new Apple TV.

iPhone 6S

The most advanced iPhones are arguably the best-priced iPhones – with virtually no increase from its previous model. The iPhone 6S is packed with all-new features, starting with the A9 chip which is about 90% faster than the previous model. iOS 9 will be the default OS of the 6S, and will be rolled out for older devices a few weeks after the announcement. Siri also got an upgrade with the “Hey Siri” integration, which draws similarities to Android’s “OK Google” function. The iPhone camera got a massive upgrade as well, sporting a 12MP iSight shooter with 4K video and live photo capabilities.

The takeaway

Every year, the gadget market experiences a downpour of new devices, with many of the manufacturers releasing their flagship models just in time for the holiday season. The key factor everyone should be considering is the reliability of the mobile internet technology that the device is compatible with. With the latest in 4G LTE still failing to meet expectations, one could only wonder how much they should be able to do with their chosen device if 4G LTE was as reliable as 3G.

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