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New Amazon Features You’ll Get Excited About

Wait Until You See these New Amazon Features

Do you need another reason to integrate voice technologies into your business? Check out new Amazon features. Find out how Amazon Echo can enhance operations.

In just the past three years, the number of homes connected through smart technology has increased from 17 million to 29 million according to McKinsey research. The smart home market is estimated to become a $158B industry within a couple of years.

Businesses are also learning about the benefits of incorporating smart devices into their workspaces and companies like Amazon are working hard to develop technologies that help businesses perform.

New Amazon Features You’ll Love

Each year around this time tech companies like Amazon and Google release their new devices and features just in time for holiday shopping. But this is also a time when business leaders like us should consider the latest technologies.

How might new tech change how we connect with customers or deliver goods and services? How can new tech enhance business operations?

This year Amazon is doubling down on the Internet of Things in our homes, business and automobiles.

New features include things like an enhanced smart intercom system that allows you to communicate between offices or to the whole building using an Echo device without the person on the other end accepting the transmission. While this isn’t right for all settings, it can enhance interoffice communication.

Amazon has also introduced Echo Flex devices, which are small, portable devices that work through a primary Echo system. But they can be placed anywhere, connecting people throughout the building with the power of Alexa.

Echo Auto is specifically designed to deliver hand-free support to drivers. For businesses that have employees who drive for work, that’s essential to enhance productivity while maintaining safety.

How Amazon Is Giving Company Like Apple a Run for Their Money

Unlike Apple’s Siri which is largely attached to individual iPhones, Amazon is thinking bigger. How can we integrate smart technology throughout our spaces to increase productivity, cut costs, and enhance our lives? That’s what many new features are all about.

How Businesses Are Embracing Voice Technologies

Businesses are using these kinds of smart technologies today to:

  • Increase energy efficiency by automating and controlling things like thermostats and lights remotely. Smart home thermostats save the average consumer about 25% on their energy bills. Imagine how much they can save a business.
  • Enhance administrative assistance as voice assistants can perform many tasks we once needed a person for like checking the schedule, adding an appointment, looking up information, purchasing supplies or booking a reservation.
  • Minimize security risks, making our business security systems smarter and more capable

These are only a few ways smart businesses are enhancing business operations with voice today. And we expect them to further integrate voice and Amazon continues to enhance features.

But voice assistants also present some security challenges like the potential for hacking into business devices, saving voice recording for use by a 3rd party and interception of proprietary or legally-protected information.

For this reason, when setting up smart technology, it’s important to read the fine print and take proper security measures to maintain privacy and security. These include a combination of technology and employee education about the risks.

While there are some risks, when work with a managed IT company to reduce security risks, the benefits for business outweigh them. And failing to adapt to smart technologies like these may put businesses at a decisive disadvantage as more businesses adopt these helpful technologies.

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