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Is Juice Jacking Real?

The Real Juicejacking Risks You Need to Know

Are juicejacking risks making you afraid to charge your smartphone? Know these risks and what you can do to protect your data. Is juicejacking real?  

Is juicejacking real? Look online and you’ll find a lot of conflicting information. LA officials recently warned travelers about the risks. If you plug a USB charging cable into a juicing station at the airport, a business, or other port you don’t own you could be at risk.

But the actual nature of the risk is debatable with some saying the risk is fabricated and others proclaiming serious juicejacking risks.

The truth may be somewhere in between. But the juicejacking controversy brings something more important to light.

Is Juicejacking Real?

Snopes.com, a website whose mission is the separate Internet fact from fiction through good old-fashioned fact checking gives juicejacking a rating if “mixed”. In other words, after doing due diligence they find that it’s sort of true.

According to them, juicejacking is very possible. Someone could use a juicing station to steal your data or upload a virus onto your phone. But based on their research, they weren’t able to find a confirmed case.

This may make you sigh a relief, but before you do, here’s something to consider.

The Bigger Picture

There will always be new technologies hitting the scene. And each time we welcome new technology into our lives, there will be unknown risks. Such in the case anytime we travel into uncharted waters in our lives.

Does this prevent me from exploring new tech conveniences? Absolutely not. I know I’d miss out on a lot of great things in life if I did.

But what the juicejacking scare does remind me, even as a security-minded person, is that it’s always a good idea to think about securityeach time a new technology comes out and take precautions.

We shouldn’t live in fear. But we should consider the risks. We should take steps. But the more convenient something seems, the more likely we are to put our guards down. And sadly those with bad intent know that and will target us in those moments of weakness. That’s what juicejacking risks are all about, rushing in without considering.

You can take simple steps to safely use juicing stations and other technology and you should. You can restrict your phone from transmitting data via USB, for example.

Ultimately, enjoy technologies and all of the conveniences they offer. But be smart, stay informed and be safe.

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