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IT Innovators at Alvarez Technology Group Named to CRN’s Debut IoT Innovators List

CRN, a brand of The Channel Company has named Alvarez Technology Group to its IoT Innovators list for 2017 (http://www.crn.com/IoTInnovators). CRN’s newest awards program, IoT Innovators, recognizes North American solution providers and systems integrators whose design and implementation of breakthrough solutions place them at the forefront of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution.

Alvarez Technology Group demonstrated their commitment to keeping IT operations up and running throughout Salinas and all of the California Central Coast. Alvarez remains focused on managed IT services as well as comprehensive IT technology for small and medium-sized businesses.

“We are honored to represent the California Central Coast as an innovator in managed IT services in the region,” says Luis Alvarez,  President & CEO of Alvarez Technology Group. “Our priority has always been to serve our community paving the way for interconnectivity that will change the way we all live and work.”

What Does IoT Mean For Your Business?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is simply the connection of devices to the internet (and/or each other) with an on/off switch. Your phone, tablet, and laptop computer are all connected to the internet, and for some each other, with an on/off switch. But this isn’t restricted to those types of devices. Since it’s anything with an on/off switch, it opens up to your car, your alarm clock and even your refrigerator are connectable to the internet and can talk potentially connect with each other.

The IoT is a network of connected devices to other devices, devices to people and people to people. There will potentially be more than 26 billion devices connected by 2020. Can you imagine? How great would it be if you’re connected car could send an email to work letting them know that you’re going to be late because of traffic on the highway? Your fridge already sends you notices when you are out of things.

The IoT allows for endless possibilities of connections across an endless supply of devices. There are so many possibilities that we haven’t even figured them out yet. This makes the topic something to talk about and something to watch. But along with the opportunities that IoT presents, there are also challenges, too. It is no wonder that when discussing this the term “security” comes up a lot.

With hackers finding more ways to get at your data and make money from cyber attacks on businesses, is all this connectivity good for business? Let’s look at a few of the ways that IoT can impact your business:

  • Data

With customers connecting in new ways and more often, there will be plenty of data that needs to be stored or quantified. Smart devices will be able to track customer behavior and maybe even learn from it. This data could be used to personalize ads and suggest orders in new and interesting ways.

  • Inventory

The freedom of the “smart house” will now translate into the “smart warehouse.” You’ll be able to track inventory automatically, freeing up your workers for other tasks. You could track an item from warehouse to the customer to reorder all through the internet.

  • Remote work

If your business doesn’t deal with physical inventory, that could free up your employees to work remotely. With their devices connected to computers or servers back at the office, they will work easier and more effectively from the field. It is said that employees work better when out of the office, so this could improve morale, which in turn affects the bottom line. A win/win.

  • Speed & accessibility

Having access to the things they want easier and more efficiently, customers will be ordering faster, cutting down on the amount of time it takes to get what they want. This may even result in the customer wanting delivery faster since the ordering process is so much easier. Since any third party shipping company you may use will have the same tools as you, they will be able to help you serve that customer even faster.

  • Efficiency & Productivity

Getting things done faster could lead to better productivity and more efficient operations. This would allow you to cut down on the number of people you employ or maybe you can change some things in a new aspect of your business, allowing your business to grow in ways you wouldn’t have been able to before.

Don’t let IoT scare you. Find out how it can impact your business plus get the best IT support available for your Salinas, Monterey County, Santa Cruz County & San Benito County business, contact Alvarez Technology Group at (831) 753 -7677 or send us an email at info@alvareztg.com today.

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