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Hover Board Problems

The new trend for the holidays is the Hover Board, which is like a Segway machine without the handlebars. It is one of the fastest selling holiday items, and it’s a device you stand on, balance on, and move with the pitch and inclination of your body.

Because it doesn’t have a steering handle it presents a safety hazard for those using it. And to compound that problem, many don’t wear any kind of protective gear like helmets or anything. Furthermore, many people have either lost balance and fell off of the device, or managed to actually make it catch fire.

Hover Boards require a lot of power, and they have these extremely dense lithium-ion battery packs that help deliver the energy needed to make the device operate. The problem is that some batteries get overheated very easily, and a few have actually combusted because of it.

Soon after these reports broke, Amazon decided to take all kinds of Hover Boards off their site so that none could purchase them anymore, and airlines have banned people from bringing their devices on board.

The main problem is the battery, and many of the Hover Board developers aren’t compliant with US safety standards when it comes to powering the device. Hopefully in the future these Hover Board makers can find ways to upgrade their device to make it more safe.

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