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Google’s Wireless Service Is A Game-Changer.

Google first got into the Internet service business with their Google Fiber. Now they’re getting into wireless Internet service by partnering with Sprint and T-Mobile—buying their services in bulk and reselling them.

With Google Wireless you can seamlessly switch between these two data services, as well as any Wi-Fi connection that’s available.  This way, you can get the best signal wherever you are, without worrying about what network you’re using.

Why Is Google Investing In Wireless Internet?

Google isn’t interested in making money from their Internet services—

Instead, they want to enable access to their cloud-based services by providing the bandwidth customers need to use them. The more subscribers Google has, the more money they make from their cloud services.

Google is also partnering with Space X to deploy thousands of satellites around the planet to provide Internet access from outer space. With Google investing in these services, we will not only benefit from enhanced Internet access, but also from increased, competitive pricing in the market.

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