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Flying Cars Show Why Computer Services in Salinas Accelerate Innovation

Science fiction is closer to becoming science fact, taking a page out of The Jetsons.

Flying cars, long a fantastical work of fiction, are being developed by well-known transportation companies and startup businesses. They would offer a remarkable transformation of the way we move. If successful, they could free up congested highways and offer a different option for those wanting to travel in a new and unique way.

The technologies also serve as a remarkable example of why companies looking to innovate need computer services to support their bold ideas.

What Is the Status of Flying Cars?

In early 2019, Boeing’s autonomous passenger air vehicle completed its first flight. Like most other flying cars, the Boeing aircraft uses batteries to generate the electricity to power the vehicle. The vehicle takes off and lands vertically.

Uber is similarly testing its “air taxi” service, in partnership with Bell. The companies project that the hybrid electric vehicle, which seats five and is powered by six tilting fans, is likely to be available by the mid-2020s.

Another competitor is Opener, financed by Google’s Larry Page, which projects having its BlackFly car available for purchase at some point in 2019.

What Computer Services in Salinas Can Support My Business?

Alvarez Technology Group offers a full range of computer services in Salinas to support innovative companies. Our services let you focus on core business objectives while we keep a watchful eye on your IT infrastructure.

Our services include:

  • Managed IT Solutions. Managed IT services provide complete management and support of your technology. These services are provided at one simple monthly rate and include oversight of your IT architecture, installation and monitoring of hardware and software updates and patches, and help-desk support, including after-hours support.
  • Cloud Services. The cloud allows your company to significantly reduce IT costs by eliminating the need for housing, maintaining, managing, cooling and providing power to your technology. Cloud solutions can host your data, applications and systems, providing access from multiple devices from anywhere and at any time. Cloud hosting of your hardware and software enhances collaboration and keeps your data secure.
  • Business Phones. Today’s businesses need reliable, feature-rich business telephony. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems deliver calls over high-speed internet connections, allow for audio conferences, instant messaging and connection to all of your phones. VoIP makes it easier to share files and video and collaborate among employees and with customers, all with predictable monthly rates instead of per-call fees.
  • Compliance. Federal, state and international mandates require your business to remain compliant with an evolving number of requirements. Whether its HIPAA compliance governing patient data and electronic medical records or GDPR requirements to provide consumer control over the use of data, your business is facing more and more compliance issues every day. With a managed IT solution, we can assess, improve and maintain your technology to ensure you are in complete compliance and avoid costly penalties.

How Can Computer Services in Salinas Keep Data Safe?

Managed IT solutions are focused on keeping data, applications and users safe during a cyberattack or natural disaster.

At Alvarez Technology Group, our IT solutions include comprehensive security measures to protect every aspect of your technology. We use next-generation firewalls to keep your network’s perimeter protected and monitored. Automated anti-spam and anti-phishing tools detect and prevent viruses from contaminating your files and computers. Constant monitoring detects suspicious activity, quarantines it and prevents it from doing any harm.

Cloud-based backups keep your data accessible and secure in the case of an incident that could otherwise derail operations. Our solutions provide your business with continuity in the case of a disruptive event and ensure that data is recovered and put back in use with minimal disruption.

To learn more about how Alvarez Technology Group’s computer services in Salinas keeps your business flying with the latest technologies, contact us today.

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