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How Technology Innovation Helps Company Use Containers for Farming

Technology innovation is at the heart of the world’s best companies. To foster that innovation, your business needs technical solutions that let you focus on your company’s goals and let an IT partner worry about the infrastructure. If you’re looking to spur innovation, look for computer consulting in Salinas that will deliver what you need.

What’s An Example of Technical Innovation?

Recently we learned about an amazing company that could revolutionize farming as we know it. Freight Farm provides a self-contained hydroponic farm that works inside a shipping container.

The self-contained farm is a result of ingenious technology that regulates the water, air and LED lighting within the container to optimize growing conditions within the shipping container. In can be used in areas that cannot usually maintain optimal growing conditions.

The 320 square feet of space in each container is filled with shelves full of trays growing fruits and vegetables using a mesh-foam growing medium. The company’s unique model minimizes power usage for lighting and water pumps, allowing customers to turn a profit by avoiding exorbitant power requirements.

What’s more, the contained unit does not require the use of pesticides, making the products more attractive to customers and consumers alike.

Today the Boston-based company founded in 2010 is selling containers across the United States and in 15 other countries.

What Kind of Computer Consulting in Salinas Would Help My Company?

Your company likely has ambitious goals and aspirations. The last thing you want is your technical infrastructure and computer network holding you back.

That’s why at Alvarez Technology Group, we provide computer consulting in Salinas that helps our clients focus on their most important tasks. Our consulting services are designed to give you peace of mind, knowing we have your back when it comes to your technology.

Alvarez Technology Group’s approach to computer consulting in Salinas includes the following steps:

  • Strategic IT Planning. We work with you to develop short- and long-term plans to support your business as it grows. We offer regular business review meetings to present you with cutting-edge IT solutions and upgrades that would most benefit your company. We act as a virtual CIO to assist with your technical needs.
  • Security Assessments. Knowing your data and systems are safe, secured and monitored lets you sleep easier. Our security assessments examine each aspect of your IT systems to identify vulnerabilities that could lead to costly data breaches. Upon completion, we provide recommendations on needed improvements and can install any necessary upgrades to keep your business, your data, your customers and your employees protected.
  • Network Design. Eliminate the complexity of working with multiple vendors by having Alvarez Technology Group design, install and upgrade your network. We will make sure your system is set up correctly the first time and minimizes the impact on your employees. We will also provide ongoing maintenance and support to keep your network optimized and to resolve any issues quickly with minimal disruption.
  • Compliance Assessments. Are your network and data management solutions in compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR and other regulatory mandates? Our compliance assessments can identify gaps in your healthcare practice, educational company or other business that could lead to regulatory scrutiny. Be sure to keep sensitive patient, student and customer data protected an in compliance with myriad state, federal and international mandates.
  • Business Continuity Planning. You need to be prepared for system crashes, power outages, natural disasters or cyberattacks. Alvarez Technology Group teams can prepare to keep your systems, data and applications accessible and recoverable in the wake of an incident that could otherwise derail operations.

What Other Services Can I Expect With Computer Consulting in Salinas?

Alvarez Technology Group is a full-service IT provider. In addition to computer consulting, we offer managed IT services, business phone solutions, cloud services and business intelligence. To learn more about how our teams can help your company grow, contact us today.

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