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Facebook Launches New Tool To Check Up On Friends

After the Paris attacks Facebook allowed users to adopt the French flag as a backdrop on their profile pictures. This was obviously for people to show support in the face of the event, and it marks a recent trend in social media as a whole.

Facebook actually developed a feature called Safety Check which was originally meant to be used for natural disasters. The tool is used to check up on friends to make sure that they’re alright, and when the attacks in Paris happened, Facebook turned it on for the first time in response to a terrorist attack.

How it works is that any person living within a certain radius of Paris can check in and say that they’re safe. After checking in, a notification is sent to all their Facebook contacts informing them that they weren’t in harms way during the attacks.

Facebook received a wave of positive responses to this new feature, and they say that they’ll continue to develop the tool for future use.

To use this feature, simply go to Facebook and type “Safety Check” in the search bar. It will then take you to the Safety Check page where users can choose which event is happening that they want to check in on.

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