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Elliott Frutkin Sales Executive

“I enjoy interacting with the community and solving business challenges through the use of technology.”

Elliott Frutkin, Director of Business Development, leads sales, partnerships and Account Management for Alvarez Technology Group. Elliott works with his team to assess technical needs and develop dynamic solutions for business and organizations.

After a short stint in politics at The White House in Washington D.C., Elliott moved into the technology industry. He started a software company, Doceus, out of his college dorm room (with headquarters in his fraternity’s basement) and has since spent over 20 years in various roles in the tech world.

Doceus, Inc., the leading provider of software for associations and non-profits was recognized in the Fast 50 as the 18th fastest growing company in the Mid-Atlantic region, quite an accomplishment in the dot.com era. Elliott was named to Washingtonian Magazine’s “Top 100 to Watch” list, regularly featured in major publications like the Washington Post and The New York Times, a sought-after technology commentator on TV, named a “Young Lion” by Techway Magazine and nominated as a finalist for Ernst & Young’s prestigious Entrepreneur of the Year honors. Elliott negotiated debt and equity financings and after 10 years under his leadership completed the sale of the profitable company.

Elliott later co-founded and led Time Trax Technologies, a digital music pioneer and disruptive technology company that forever changed the entertainment industry and helped shape how digital media is delivered to you today. Time Trax partnered with the Electronic Frontier Foundation to submit an Amicus curiae brief during the MGM Studios v. Grokster case in 2005 and Elliott was invited to attend oral arguments before the Supreme Court of the United States. Time Trax’s technology time-shifted satellite radio broadcasts, developed portable music players and recorders and moved into capturing digital music from traditional FM radio broadcasts. Time Trax had operations in Washington, DC, Sweden and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China. Time Trax merged with the PopCatcher brand based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Elliott did a stint as an Executive at Blackboard, the world’s largest education technology company with 100 million users in 90 countries. He reported to BlackBoard CEO, Michael Chasen, and was his Deputy handling Special Initiatives ranging from internal operations to mergers and acquisitions.

Outside of the technology arena, Elliott’s love of ice cream led him to become a Partner in a development company for a national franchise ice cream company, where he was responsible for raising capital, identifying locations and launching new storefronts. That company is now part of Cold Stone Creamery.

He attended American University where he completed MBA coursework.

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Elliott spent the beginning of his career on the East Coast and migrated West, stopping in Scottsdale, AZ on his way to his eureka! moment on California’s Central Coast. He currently lives with his two dogs, Miley, a Shihpoo (a Shih Tzu Poodle mix) and Luna, a black Labrador retriever rescued from the SPCA. Elliott has 5 kids ranging in age from 11- 20.

In his spare time, Elliott enjoys walking his dogs, spending time with his kids, the beach and anything near the ocean, and taking road trips.

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