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Warning: Massive eBay User Hack Results in the Theft of 145 Million Users’ Personal Information!

In May 2014, eBay confirmed the occurrence of a massive breach, which involved the theft of145 million users’ IDs and passwords, as well as birth dates, mailing addresses, and ultimately, all of the information required to steal an identity. And the worst part of the breach? If you have an account and haven’t used the website in a while, your personal information might still be compromised.

The breach wasn’t the typical hack where a hacker finds a way to bypass safeguards and enter the system. Instead, the hacker managed to steal the IDs and passwords of three senior executives, therefore allowing them to login and steal personal data from users.

In the beginning of May, an executive explained that they didn’t realize how deeply they were compromised, so they didn’t notify users. However, as their forensic team dug deeper into the issue, they discovered the seriousness of the hack.

If you’re an eBay customer or seller:

  • You should’ve been notified about the hack.
  • You should change your password immediately.
  • You should monitor your credit reporting status to look out for identity theft.

According to an executive, the company will be taking preventative measures to protect its network, in order to ensure a similar breach doesn’t occur again in the future.

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