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How Cybersecurity Is Evolving, and How You Can Stay Protected

Cybersecurity is changing. Hackers are no longer infiltrating our devices to hurt us or irritate us—they’re now doing it to make money. This gives them a whole other incentive, which makes them more dangerous, too.

For example, during the holiday season many cyber criminals like to send emails advertising deals which look like they’re from Amazon to ask people to register and put in their credit card information. It’s best to double check the site to make sure that deal is actually happening before going through with entering your information.

Also, when you’re out and about at the store, it’s best to use the newer kind of credit card that has the EMV chip embedded in it. The EMV readers are much more secure than the traditional bar-code receivers that prompt you to slide your card, so use those instead.

In another topic, thanks to the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, The National Security Agency has been talking with social media icons to see what they can do to help stop these attacks. Many of the strikes are being coordinated through social media, and it’s tough to pinpoint which accounts belong to the terrorists and which don’t.

The bigger problem is that social media pages can be created just as quickly as they’re taken down, so some sort of a vetting process needs to be implemented. Some organizations will agree to this and some won’t, and the currency of social media is users—so it presents a problem.

Another reaction to the terrorist attacks is this idea to shut down public Wi-Fi in the face of a national emergency. This could work, but it might also be useless given the countless other ways terrorists can talk with one another.

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