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Cyber Attacks Launched Through Connected Appliances

The Internet of Things is a concept in which all of our devices are connected to the Internet to make our lives easier. For example, connected refrigerator designers envision consumers having the ability to look up recipes based on the food in the fridge or defrost food in a specific drawer at a set time, therefore simplifying the lives of consumers around the world.

While the Internet of Things may seem convenient, there’s a huge security threat involved with connected appliances. In the past few years, a variety of devices have emerged with Internet connectivity, such as toothbrushes, refrigerators, and home thermostats. However, when devices are connected to the web, they’re vulnerable to malware and viruses. In fact, cybercriminals used botnets to send over 750,000 malicious phishing emails from domestic appliances between December 23rd and January 26th.

Botnets are already a major security concern and the Internet of Things will significantly increase that concern. Cybercriminals are finding more ways to exploit these devices, but consumers have no way to detect or fix infections on a connected appliance.

Most consumers are focused on protecting their personal computers, yet their connected devices are actually easier to infect and control. If you own connected appliances, make sure strong passwords are enabled and software is up to date at all times to protect against security threats.

To learn more about how cyber-attacks are launched through connected appliances, give us a call or send us an email. Alvarez Technology Group can help you reduce the security risk of the Internet of Things. 

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