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Warning for Apple Users: A Mass Cyber-Attack May Target Your Apple Device – Locking the Device in Exchange for a Ransom Fee!

In a recent mass cyber-attack, hackers have managed to lock Apple devices, including iPhones and iPads, to hold them hostage until the owner pays a ransom fee. When the owner’s device is locked, a message appears, stating that the device was hacked by “Oleg Pliss” and will be unlocked after the hacker receives $100.

But how do the hackers manage to lock these devices? While Apple has been extremely reluctant to discuss the situation, there’s likely a security flaw and they’re patching it before they release information. For now, many researchers suspect the hackers are using the service designed to track devices. As the service requires an iCloud password, hackers can compromise your password to use the service and lock your device, essentially forcing you to reset the device or pay the ransom fee.

While it’s possible to reset the device back to default settings, it’s fundamental to have your data backed up in the cloud, otherwise, you won’t be able to recover your data once the device is restored.

To learn more about the mass cyber-attack, give us a call at (831) 753 -7677 or send us an email at info@alvareztg.com. Alvarez Technology Group can help you backup the data on your device, in order to ensure recoverability in case your device is locked. 

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