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Should Consumer Drones Be Regulated?

Consumer use of drones has caused quite a stir in the news lately. The airways above us are starting to get congested with all the drones flying around, and because of that many commercial machines have been grounded for safety precautions in certain instances.

The FAA is trying to create rules that limit these things from happening—the only problem is that these are consumer devices, and there’s so many of them in existence. One proposal the FAA recently put forward is to have each drone registered by the user.

Their thinking is that if consumers register, then they’ll at least be a little more aware of how their drone use might be a problem in certain situations such as emergencies.

Regulating consumer drones isn’t something that would be easy, so the FAA believes that this step might create some awareness on the end of the consumer.

Just like how a flock of birds could be sucked into a jet engine, drones present the same kinds of problems. Hopefully in the future drone users can take this into account and ultimately make the airways a safer place for everyone.

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