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Cell Phone Fingerprint

Many vendors, including Apple, are switching away from 4-digit lock codes on phones to a fingerprint unlock. This keeps anyone, aside from those who own the device, from being able to unlock it; whereas a passcode can be stolen or overheard, a fingerprint is unique.

One thing you might not imagine, though, is that while police cannot compel you to give them a password for a phone – that information is protected under your 5th amendment rights – they can make you give them a fingerprint, as it’s considered DNA and has been a part of law practices for years. This means that while a fingerprint is exponentially more useful in protecting your phone from theft or intrusion from friends or outsiders, it also leaves you basically unprotected in the court of law.

Recently, the new mayor of Houston released an edict from her office demanding that all pastors, ministers, etc. in the city of Houston must submit their Sunday sermons for approval – this is a clear sign that even those in elected office are not fully aware of peoples constitutional rights. Technology can certainly help us to better understand our rights, as data is now instantly accessible in large quantities.

Elsewhere, Microsoft has recently released a Fitness Band, which works with windows phones, IOS and android to provide multitudes of information to its user. Microsoft has designed this to compete with Apple’s iWatch and Samsung’s Smartwatch, which are set to be released soon and reviews are currently glowing. It serves as a fitness tracker and also has a GPS, heartrate monitor, and Bluetooth interface – allowing you to check e-mails and texts.

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