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Can People Be Allergic To Wi-Fi?

Is Wi-Fi causing an allergic reaction in people? Many have recently claimed they’re hypersensitive to electromagnetic activity, and that it’s giving them reactions common for allergies. These claims are similar to the ones about cell phone signals causing cancer, which many were afraid of when mobile phones started to gain in popularity.

Those claims were debunked by the medical community, but what about the Wi-Fi commotion?

The World Health Organization did a study on people who said they were being impacted by something called EHS, and after exposing the participants to those signals, they ultimately found that there was no such thing.

While the participants did show reactions to something, it wasn’t from any signals they were coming in contact with. Like we all do, these people were just looking for causality around them and thought that Wi-Fi signals might have something to do with their symptoms.

While Wi-Fi doesn’t cause allergic reactions, it does raise stress levels in our lives, and there’s no telling what stress can and can’t do to our bodies every day.

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