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The Use of Drones Opens Doors of Opportunity for Utility Companies, Private Eyes, and Businesses in San Diego County!

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has granted San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) limited permission to use drones in parts of San Diego County. As a result, many users, including public utilities, private eyes, and businesses, are adopting the use of drones for various purposes. So how does a utility company use drones? Well, that’s simple: drones are an inexpensive way to monitor and maintain areas, instead of using the traditional way of rolling a truck with a lineman through the area.

When utility companies use drones, they’re able to look for down power poles or power line problems, which would normally take hours redirecting someone through traffic. In fact, utility companies are able to monitor thousands of miles of lines in a much more cost-efficient and simple manner.

Now you’re probably wondering, how do private eyes use drones? Interestingly enough, private eyes are using drones to make investigations more thorough and less expensive. Ultimately, private eyes use drones to find evidence of cheating spouses.

And that’s just the beginning! Amazon, an online retailer, has asked the FAA for permission to use drones for deliveries. Approximately 86% of their deliveries weight 80 pounds or less, and many drones can carry 50-100 pounds of cargo, which makes them a great way to deliver goods to consumers. In the future, drones can potentially be used for many different purposes, in order to simplify life for businesses and consumers alike!

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