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Business Technology Services

Did you know that you can get every IT support service you need from just one provider?

Get the most out of your business’ Information Technology (IT) to become more productive, secure and profitable. Reach out to Alvarez Technology Group at (831) 753 -7677 or info@alvareztg.com today to speak with IT strategy experts and learn more about how to better align your technology with your business’ goals.

Cloud Services

  • Learn what the Cloud means for your business, including how to save costs by removing hardware, improving mobility, and promoting collaboration among your staff.
  • Stay safe using the Cloud by discovering which cloud services are right for business needs, and which could leave you vulnerable to a data breach.
  • Discover the right Cloud services to meet your unique needs, and get all the training and education needed to fully leverage the new technology.


  • Enjoy all the business phone services you currently use plus much more including instant messaging and other features, as these systems can be custom designed for any sized business.
  • Stay connected with your staff from almost anywhere for greater connectivity and collaboration.
  • Share files, videos, as well as conference and collaborate collectively to increases efficiency and productivity.

Security & Business Continuity

  • Protect your network from nearly any digital threat with managed anti-virus software and firewalls to combat a wide-range of digital threats, including malware, viruses, and spam.
  • Allow us to remotely monitor your systems 24x7x365 to detect and resolve issues immediately, before they result in costly downtime.
  • Benefit from comprehensive support solutions both on-site and remotely to prevent productivity loss and/or downtime resulting from technology-related issues.
  • Maintain reliable backups to keep your data recoverable and your organization operating no matter the type of emergency you enter into.

Managed IT Services

  • Feel confident with comprehensive management and support offered by a fully-staffed network operations center and help desk that’s always available to address any questions, concerns, or issues.
  • Rest assured knowing systems are monitored around-the-clock and regular maintenance is performed to prevent issues before they even occur – giving you peace of mind knowing your technology is up-to-date and relevant at all times.
  • Simplify budgeting with a simple flat-rate fee that keeps your monthly expense reasonable and expected with no surprise/hidden costs – making sure budgeting stays simple and efficient.
  • Take advantage of a strategic partnership that lets you eliminate the need to deal with inconvenient and unreliable third parties while knowing we’re here to help you strategically plan for growth and success

HIPAA & Compliance

  • Maintain compliance with regulation assessments that allow us to make sure you’re compliant with HIPAA, HITECH, and HIPAA Omnibus laws while keeping you prepared for an audit.
  • Operate efficiently with comprehensive technology management wherein we handle every aspect of your IT environment from maintenance of your server hardware and software, to support for all applications.
  • Stay productive with proactive support that includes monitoring around-the-clock to ensure maximum productivity and minimal downtime for your healthcare practice. We’re available to address concerns within an hour.
  • Avoid unnecessary expenses with a flat-rate fee that keeps monthly costs reasonable as you pay the same amount each month, in order to keep budgeting simple while cutting costs significantly.

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