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Building Security: Technology Offers New Ways to Control Access

Struggling to balance building security with ease of use? The latest advancements in controlled access are making it easier and safer for businesses and employees.  

According to OSHA, an estimated 2 million workers experienced workplace violence in 2018. This violence accounts for around nine percent of workplace deaths, but often many more are injured. But beyond the attention-grabbing headlines, we need building security technology that protects confidential information, proprietary data and assets. However, people should be able to get around easily enough to do their jobs.

Companies have utilized many ideas over the years, from key cards to microchips. But continued advancements in controlled access make managing building access even easier for homes and businesses.

Managing Building Access

It’s a fact. The vast majority of your employees work in a single location. And beyond access to the kitchen, facilities and HR, they rarely need to go elsewhere.

Building security technologies have transformed how we manage employees while on-site. We can use controlled access to understand which employees have been in specific locations when something is amiss or prevent unnecessary access in the first place.

And your company can manage this access centrally without the employee even being present by remotely updating access settings individually or as a team.

Gone are the days when you had to physically collect a keycard, or even a key, to prevent a terminated employee from entering the building post-departure. You can now grant expanded access to your multi-state locations from one place.

It’s centralized. And technology makes it easy. There’s even an app for that.

Advancements in Controlled Access

Let’s take controlled access to the home environment for a moment. Did you know that you can now buy a deadbolt that you can control remotely or through a temporary passcode to allow deliveries for Amazon or Walmart into your home? And it’s less than $300, giving just about anyone access to building security technology.

Controlled access is taking over in business and our neighborhoods. And as it does, we continue to see advancements like:

Keyfobs /Keycards

This one’s been around a while. But it can still be useful in some settings. These days, key card access can and should be managed centrally so that you can quickly change access without the physical key in hand.


While I don’t recommend this one, we’ve seen companies explore the possibility of implanting chips under the skin. While this would mean that employees never forget their keycard again, it hasn’t gone over well in places they’ve tried it. Most people don’t want foreign objects implanted into their bodies.

Smartphone App

According to Pew Research, 81% of US adults have a smartphone, making this a much more viable option than it would have been just a few years ago. Using a secure app makes physical access setup and continual centralized management more effortless than ever before.

Building security technology is changing. It’s getting more accessible and affordable to manage building access. To learn more about business security and other technologies, follow our blog.

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