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Is Black Friday Losing Popularity?

2015 was one of the softest years for Black Friday sales. Reports show that there were a million less visitors on Friday and over the weekend than there were in 2014, and that there was also a steep decline of in-store sales as well.

While there was a decline of in-store sales, there was a 16 percent increase in online sales, showing more people are shopping online for deals than ever before. While this was a change, it didn’t matter much to the big retailers since all of them have a big online presence anyway.

Another trend involves consumers purchasing from their mobile device. More and more are choosing to purchase from their phone or tablet, and certain retailers actually have deals attached to the use of their mobile application. For instance, if a consumer purchases something through the app, they get an app-exclusive coupon or deal along with it.

Furthermore, gift cards are bought every year during the holiday season but aren’t used up all the way by consumers. Apparently $44 billion is left over on these cards every year. Gift cards have no value until they’re used, so consumers have to be cognizant of that when they’re gifting or receiving these cards.

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