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Apple TV Streaming: Another Nail on the Cable Coffin

In the past couple of years, HDTV streaming boxes have become a huge hit for consumers who are looking for an alternative to the expensive cable TV subscriptions from companies like Comcast and DirecTV.

Apple TV is Apple’s response to the growing demand for HDTV boxes. It is in direct competition with established brands like Roku and Google’s Chromecast. The Apple TV has been around for a couple of years, and with the announcement earlier this year, Apple introduced a brand-new version of Apple TV fitted with the latest technology that Apple offers.

Among the standout features of the Apple TV is the improved operating system called tvOS, which integrates the voice input and smart assistance features of Siri, combined with apps built specifically for Apple TV. The new Apple TV encourages third-party developers to create apps specifically for tvOS. The early deployment attracted app development from brands like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and AirBnB.

The Apple experience on your HDTV

Apple devices are known for its edgy-yet-minimalistic appeal and you can expect that trademark Apple experience with the new Apple TV. Even the design of the Bluetooth remote is reminiscent of the classic minimalist Apple way. One look at the remote and you can easily tell that it’s an Apple device. A navigation circle on top and the menu button with a play/pause button are all telltale signs that the Apple design can make anything simple desirable. The only downside we can see with the Apple TV remote is the missing headphone jack similar to the Roku remote, a feature that made Roku one of the best-selling TV boxes today.

On the other hand, the Apple TV faces stiff competition with Roku, which is widely accepted as the leading HDTV box today. In technological terms, the Apple TV can be considered a step back from what is already available, but the entire Apple experience on your HDTV makes up for the apparent lack in tech specs.

What’s next for the Apple TV?

Plans for the new Apple TV includes streaming media from live channels. According to reports, Apple is currently discussing the terms with broadcast companies to bring live TV to the Apple TV. Apple TV is also earmarked for future console gaming development as the new tvOS attracts more game developers. The remote features a touchpad with Bluetooth connectivity which can be used as a controller for console gaming. Experts predict that the console gaming feature of the Apple TV will attract the same consumer base that brought casual gaming its mainstream success.

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