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Apple Pay: The Latest Way to Secure YOUR Credit Card Information!

On Saturday, October 18th, 2014, Walgreens launched Apple Pay: Apple’s first attempt into the digital currency space. After Apple announced the release of iOS8, they decided to create and provide a service that allows people to store credit card information on the iPhone 6; then pay for items at locations that are properly equipped with the right equipment.

So what locations are properly equipped? Aside from Walgreens, Apple is partnering with various organizations, such as McDonalds and Staples, to make the use of credit cards more secure. There’s a lot of manufacturers that make terminals, known as “near field communications,” which sends out weak wireless signals that allow devices to talk to each other in a secure way.

Once these devices are rolled out to retailers, customers will be able to:

  • Hold their iPhone to the device where the credit card information will be read.
  • Trust that their credit card information will be safe due to encryption during communications between the device and phone.
  • Use their thumbprint as an added biometric measure to verify and complete the transaction.

Ultimately, this keeps credit card information safe and secure, which is fundamental in today’s evolving world of security threats where breaches occur far too often.

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