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Looking for Unique Smartphone Features? Look to the New Amazon Fire Phone!

While there’s so many new smartphones being introduced into the market, Amazon’s jumping into the crowed marketplace with an offering that’s built on the Android operating system. The new “Amazon Fire Phone,” which retails for approximately $190 – $259, depending on features, offers a wide range of unique features, such as:

  • Dynamic Perspective: Dynamic Perspective provides a 3-D view of certain things, such as maps and photos.
  • Firefly: Firefly makes shopping much simpler; when you see something, you’re able to take a photo and find the item via search engine on amazon.com.

And that’s just the beginning! The smartphone offers 32-64 GB of storage. And if you have too many photos, you’re able to offload them to their cloud, as the smartphone includes 1-year prime membership free of charge. So what’s the downfall? If you’re interested in the new smartphone, it’s only available through AT&T.

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