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Alvarez Technology Group to Speak at Annual KMC Genius Summit

CEO Luis Alvarez to Share Expertise Regarding IoT at Upcoming Knowledge Event in Chicago 

SALINAS, CA – October 7th 2016 – Alvarez Technology Group’s CEO Luis Alvarez will be one of the honored speakers at the KMC Genius Summit this year. The exciting event will take place next week from October 10th to 12th in Chicago, IL and will feature expertise from industry leaders nationwide. Internet of Things (IoT) in the business sector will be one of the focal points of the event and Alvarez will be discussing lending his expertise and experience regarding the topic.

Hosted at the Langham luxury hotel in Chicago, the 2016 KMC Genius Summit will consist of two days of world-class sales training sessions and in-depth technical product training. In addition, the Summit will offer unparalleled opportunities for education and networking along with a guarantee for fun and enjoyable evenings.

The Internet of Things (IOT) is a rapidly growing area of information technology. More and more commonly, internet connectivity and other technology is being built into physical objects. This allows them to sense, measure, react and interact directly with computer based infrastructure and systems. This exciting area of technology has huge implications for improving efficiency, accuracy, productivity and costs across a wide range of business and social areas. IoT can be extremely advantageous, but there are also many challenges to overcome.

In his talk, CEO Luis Alvarez with discuss both the advantages and challenges that accompany this IoT evolution. Alvarez really values these opportunities for involvement, education and networking in the business community. “The merging of operating technology and information technology, or OT and IT as it is sometimes called, is an amazing inflection point in our history,” said Mr. Alvarez. “With more than 50 billion connected devices projected by 2020, it is as revolutionary and full of opportunities as was the dawn of the Internet Age. Everything that can be connected will be connected.”

To connect your business-minded audience with more information about this upcoming event, please contact Luis M. Alvarez, President & CEO with Alvarez Technology Group. An interview can help your audience learn more about IoT, as well as Alvarez’s commitment to exploring exciting new technologies and sharing expertise in the business community. 


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